Friday, December 14, 2012

"I never once fired a gun into that house."

Two Deranged Gunmen Receive 90-Years-To-Life For Shooting Spree
Re-printed from a story at WFMJ Channel 21 on December 14th 2012

Video courtesy of Channel 21 in Youngstown, Ohio where the shootings occurred.

YOUNGSTOWN, OH. — A judge has sentenced two gunmen to 90-years-to-Life in prison in a fraternity house shooting that left one dead and 11 others wounded.

The judge imposed the this sentence on Thursday December 13th 2012 on 20-year-old Jamelle Jackson of Youngstown on his convictions for Murder, Felonious Assault and charges relating to firing a gun into the fraternity house.

A co-defendant, Mark Jones, was sentenced the same day to 10 years on involuntary Manslaughter and Felonious Assault charges. Another co-defendant, Columbus Jones - Mark Jones brother, was sentenced to 92-years-to-Life in prison for Murder.

The February 6th 2011 shooting near Youngstown State University killed 25-year-old student Jamail Johnson who was shielding others inside the house from gunfire with his body. The senior was killed after trying to usher a group of partygoers away from the gunfire and out of harm's way, according to Youngstown police.

The 25-year-old senior worked part-time at an athletic store to put himself through college.

According to The Youngstown Vindicator, the victim's mother told the judge she often wishes the ordeal was a dream.

"The reality is I will never wake up and have my son," Shirlene Hill said. "I miss his smile. He had a beautiful smile ... He was a very special rock in my life. I can no longer see his smile or see his face."

Hill said Jackson's family has comforted her and she realizes that family also is in pain.

"It hurts me so much to see two families in so much pain. We should not be here. None of us should be here today," she said. "Your senseless act has cost me many sleepless nights and gut-wrenching pain, the kind that never stops and never goes away."

Jamial Jones Youngstown State Ohio
Jamail Johnson died of multiple gunshots while shielding his friends with his own body.

Jackson's only comment before sentencing was to deny any part in the crime. "I never one time fired a gun into that house, never one time even aimed a gun at that house," he said.

Shavai Owens, who was shot in the face, said people see her now and think she has completely healed, but she said the shooting has left both physical and emotional scars.

Owens was forced to endure extensive surgery. Owens addressed Jackson and during sentencing that physically she may seem OK, but she said, "You wouldn't know that my family had to cover our mirrors so I wouldn't look at myself."

The victims of this mass shooting, perpetrated by two deranged men, were as follows:

* Jamail Johnson, 25, Youngstown, died from gunshot wounds to the head and legs.

* Durrell Richardson, 31, Girard, shot in left thigh.

* Shavai Owens, 17, Youngstown, shot in right ear.

* Jaleesa Moore, 20, Youngstown, shot in the arm and abdomen.

* Sean Griffin, 20, Youngstown, shot in the foot.

* Ebony Michel, 20, Youngstown, shot in the foot.

* Jordon Wagner, 20, Youngstown, shot in the shoulder and foot.

* Tejohn Lawrence, 19, Youngstown, shot in the foot.

* Jamie Ruffin, 20, Youngstown, shot in the pelvis.

* D'Anthony Brown, 17, Youngstown, shot in the foot.

* Lisetle Encarnacion, 19, Youngstown, shot in the buttocks.

* Selina Howard, 17, Youngstown, abrasive wound to the wrist.

Jamial Jones Youngstown State Ohio
Columbus Jones, picture above, shot 12 strangers, killing one, because he was angry that a woman accidently bumped into him.

Lynn Johnson, the aunt of murder victim Jamail Johnson, couldn't hold back her emotions as she addressed convicted killer Jamelle Jackson and two others who pled guilty their roles in the violence.

"You're OK with wallowing in ignorance and carrying guns and not being a man. If you have no remorse for what you've done to his mother, his father, your parents and you walk out of this courtroom in silence, then you're attorneys are right, you're a boy, you're a boy," Johnson said.

Johnson cried as she told the three men, "We're too proud to talk about what we should be ashamed of, black people killing other black people."

For the victims of the off-campus shooting, it's a painful reality about the damaging and lasting impact of gun violence, and black-on-black crime in Youngstown.

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