Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Faces Of Crack: Gregory Hall

The Degenerative Effects Of Crack Are Immediate
Article written by John Brown's Bones
Gregory HallGregory HallGregory Hall
After less than two years of arrests, an Ohio man's appearance is radically destroyed by drugs.

Gregory Hall is the definition of "Petty Criminal". Beginning in 2001, Hall has collected 46 Theft or drug related arrests and counting. Each time Hall is booked into county jail he appears sicker, older and much more disoriented looking in each of his mugshots.

Hall is 49 years old but appears significantly older and extremely sick. His eyes are watery and glassy, his skin appears badly scarred and he seems very confused about how he got there even though he has been arrested nearly 50 times - 13 times in 2011 alone.

Hamilton County Clerk of Courts, Case #/13/CRB/410 Theft
Hamilton County Clerk of Courts, Case #/11/CRB/40072 Theft