Thursday, January 3, 2013

Faces Of Heroin: Willie Robinson

Visible Degenerative Effects Of Heroin
Article written by John Brown's Bones
Willie JohnsonWillie JohnsonWillie Robinson
After a two year period of arrests an expressionless Ohio man rapidly ages 10 years.

During a two year period of arrests, starting when convicted heroin dealer Willie Robinson was 22, he appears to age 10 years. This Cincinnati, Ohio man ages rapidly and appears to grow more distant and callous in each photo. He wears the same frozen expression in each photo. In the final photo, Johnson is only 24 but appears to be in his 30's.

Heroin addicts like Johnson damage their skin and rapidly age. Worse, they also cause massive damage to their brains. This results in a diminished capacity of the brain and body's ability to respond in an meaningful way due to constrictions of blood vessels and damage to the deep tissues of the brain in the form of Pallidal lesions that are also found in Parkinson's patients.

These effects are shown by a University Of Maryland study done for the Center for Substance Abuse Research (CESAR) and in research available from the US Library of Medicine.

Willie Robinson also has a long arrest record revolving around dealing heroin and burglary to get money to support his habit. This includes multiple convictions for Receiving Stolen Property and Theft. In 2010, he was convicted of three counts of Trafficking Heroin and two counts of Possession of Drugs. Robinson only spent 1 year in prison for these convictions.

During his arrest in January of 2013, Robinson faced three charges of Possession of Drugs - i.e. heroin or crack cocaine and was arrested after failing to appear for a court date to answer for these charges. He was eventually given Probation only to be arrested a few days later for carrying an illegal hangun.

Does that sound smart you? No? Then it should not surprise anyone that heroin also causes brain damage.

Heroin is chemically similar to endorphins, the brain's natural painkillers. Heroin binds to opiate receptors related to pain, movement and emotion clogging them. Prolonged usage of heroin creates a drastically reduced capacity to respond due to these blocked receptors. As a result, eventually the user's brain receptivity is significantly decreased, dulled and disrupted.

The end result is a dead-eyed robot that alternates between distant and frantic. This explains the unresponsive appearance in each of Robinson's mugshots taken for serious crimes. This is photographic evidence documenting this man's brain essentially eroding from inside.

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