Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"How could someone do that to a child?"

Four-Month-Old Baby Girl Beat To Death By Live-In Boyfriend
Re-printed from a story at WISH-TV Channel 8 on February 20 Dayth 2013

Investigators match a man's high school ring to deadly injuries found on a murdered infant in Indianapolis.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - Observant investigators used a piece of jewelry to connect a suspect to the murder of a baby, according to court documents filed Tuesday.

Live-in boyfriend Jared Tapley, 20, is facing charges of murder and battery in the death of 4-month-old Nichole Williams.

Police say they found an unresponsive infant in a home at the 3600 block of North Euclid Avenue on Valentine's Day. They say Nichole Williams was suffering from a heart attack, and that she had "destructive brain injuries," including a skull fracture and bruises.

Tapley repeatedly told police that the baby was acting normal in his care until she stopped breathing, according to court documents. He said he found a Jenga game near her head after he left the room, but medical experts told police the game couldn’t have caused the child’s injuries.

Then, he told police the baby "jumped from his lap" and fell to the ground, which may have caused her injuries.

Eventually, an investigator noticed Tapley was wearing an IHSAA State Championship basketball ring, and the person performing the autopsy on the infant said it matched a pattern on the left side of the baby’s face, the probable cause affidavit said.

Doctors determined Nichole's severe head injuries were the "result of acceleration-deceleration injury, with impact, as evidenced by the skull fracture and bruising." They said she couldn't have caused it on her own.

Neighbors said they were shocked by the news.

"How could someone do that to a child? That child is just starting her life," one neighbor told reporters.

24-Hour News 8 spoke to the grandmother and mother of the baby Tuesday evening, but neither wanted to speak on camera about baby Nichole.

Tapley, who has no previous felony record according to a search of IDOC files, is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday February 20th 2013 on Murder charges.

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