Saturday, December 28, 2013

Murderer's Accomplice: "He bashed their heads in."

20-Year Old Man Accused of Invading Home And Murdering Two Female Residents
Re-printed from a story at WISH-TV Channel 8 on December 27th 2013
Video courtesy of WRTV Channel 6 in Indianapolis.

WESTFIELD, IN. - The man accused of robbing and killing two women in a Westfield home was angry about being fired by his boss who also lived there, according to court documents released Friday, December 27th 2013.

20-year-old Christian Rene Haley made his first appearance in court today.

The charges include two counts of murder, two counts of murder while committing a robbery, one count of robbery leading to bodily harm, one count of burglary leading to bodily harm, one count of theft, and one count of auto theft.
Marylyn Erb, 52, and her 23-year-old daughter, Kelley Erb, were found beaten to death inside their Westfield home five days before Christmas.

Police arrested Haley this week Thursday.

Investigators say the Crime Stoppers tipster overheard a conversation happening, where a man was talking about how Haley admitted to killing the two victims.

According to the court documents, the caller then heard in detail what was taken from the home the day of the crime.

"To have such a brutal killing here in Hamilton County is something of a rarity."

It's the type crime deputy prosecutor Jeff Wehmueller says he hasn't seen in years: two people, killed in their own home during a home invasion.

"Naturally our most senior and experienced deputies will work very closely with law enforcement in order to help solve this crime,” he said.

And all that hard work is starting to pay off thanks to a Crime stoppers call that eventually led them to Jamiyl Gilbert.

According to court documents, he was the one who talked about Haley's involvement in the murders and was also the person Westfield police thought was connected to it.

According to court documents, Gilbert said Haley had an axe to grind with Todd Erb, Marylyn's Husband and Kelley's father.

Haley used to work for him at Sundown Gardens, but was fired for poor attendance. Gilbet told police Haley wanted to get back at him by robbing him.

The court documents then show that on December 20th 2013, Haley gave Gilbert two credit cards to use. Both belonged to the Erbs. Investigators checked the cards' records that showed they were used around Indianapolis.

Marylyn Erb, 52, and her 23-year-old daughter, Kelley Erb were beaten to death in a home invasion.

Also, investigators got a warrant for Haley's cell phone. After tracking his usage, they say it put him at the scene of the crime the day it happened.

"Since the use of mobile devices has become so prevalent, we were able to request a few search warrants and track cell phone movement in order to corroborate some of the statements made my Mr. Gilbert," said Wehmueller.

Another statement Gilbert made in the court documents explained how the killings happened.

Gilbert said Haley admitted to “bashing their heads in with a piece of cement or something.” But, he wasn’t sure if it was true because Haley was laughing when he said it.

It’s a grisly crime that if not for a phone call might still not have a suspect.

"Without it we might still be fumbling around, trying to follow-up on leads that we have."

Investigators wouldn't say if charges would be filed against Gilbert, but they did say this is an ongoing investigation.

Haley is due back in court on February 28th 2014. His pre-trail is set for March 18th 2014, and a jury trial has been scheduled for April 14th 2014.

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