Friday, November 14, 2014

Three Charged In Murder Of 3-Year-Old Child

Child's Father, Mother And Cousin Accused Of Fatal, Unremitting Abuse
Re-printed from a story at CBS Chicago on November 13th 2014
Donnell Coackly
Donnell Coackly, 24, Tylesha Griffin, 22 and 25-year-old Dominique Lott are charged with Murder.

CHICAGO - A viciously abused and malnourished 3-year-old lay dead in his own West Ridge, Chicago home. His babysitter, his own second cousin, notices the corpse and instead of calling 911 allegedly leaves him in order to purchase some marijuana. Then, the babysitter smoked it with the dead child’s pregnant mother and father over the his battered corpse.

Tylesha Griffin, 22, and Donnell Coakley Sr., 24, allegedly then tried to warm their son’s body after Coakley tried to resuscitate Donnell Coakley Jr. Friday night.

But Griffin didn’t call 911 until hours later well after the little boy took his last breath according to the Cook County Prosecutors Office. Was her dead child not a priority?

Griffin's own Facebook profile, which she uses under an assumed name, lists her as unemployed and attending a fictitious college but has no mention of her children anywhere on it. In fact, her profile contains hundreds of pictures of herself.

Donnell Coackly Jr 2011-2014
Tylesha Griffin poses in hundreds of photos with money and strippers at her Facebook profile. She was arrested for torturing and murdering her own son this week.

The couple was charged in Donnell Jr.’s murder, as was 25-year-old Dominique Lott, who allegedly admitted to whipping the child with her hand, belt and an electrical cord.

Lott, who had been living with Griffin and Coakley in the 6500 block of North Seeley, told police she’d also put her foot down on the child when hitting him and beat him for not knowing his numbers or the alphabet, Assistant State’s Attorney Alexandra Molesky said.

The live-in babysitter had bought pot for the couple to smoke before the authorities were called. She told investigators that Griffin would often ask her to beat Donnell Jr.

In addition to the beatings she claims she was instructed to give the child, Lott also allegedly watched Griffin beat Donnell Jr. two to three times a day. Lott also said that she noticed that he stopped eating a week before his death.

Donnell Coackly Jr 2011-2014
Portions of the boy’s lower body exhibited “trauma and his left arm had a gaping wound with exposed rotting muscle and skin" according to investigators.

Donnell Jr. had over 100 injuries on his back, buttocks, arm, legs, chest, lips and head. He also had burn marks all over his body consistent with torture.

His front tooth was chipped and he had injuries on his wrist consistent with being bound, according to the medical examiner’s office.

Portions of the boy’s lower body exhibited “trauma and his left arm had a gaping wound with exposed rotting muscle and skin, Molesky said.

Had he been alive, that arm would likely be amputated, Molesky said.

Donnell Jr. had patches of hair missing on his head, bruising on the tips of his fingers and a missing fingernail, Molesky said.

On Griffin’s cellphone officers allegedly found a picture of a naked Donnell Jr. standing in his living room with injuries on his legs and back.

The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services investigated allegations of neglect by the boy’s mother and father, spokesman Karen Hawkins said. Donnell’s two siblings have been taken into protective custody under a DCFS-monitored safety plan.

The agency had previous contact with the mother in 2011, also for allegations of neglect.

Lott also previously hit Donnell Jr.’s 4-year-old sibling with a stick and belt for misbehaving, Molesky said.

Griffin was ordered held without bond on Monday.

On Wednesday, Judge Donald Panarese Jr. also ordered Lott held without bond.

Coakley was held in lieu of $500,000 bail earlier this week.

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