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"He is very good with kids."

Lamont Hunter Guilty Of Trustin's Rape, Murder
By Travis Gettys
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A deputy coroner testified earlier in the morning that Trustin Blue’s injuries were not consistent with a fall down the stairs, which has been the claim by Hunter since the 3-year-old suffered fatal injuries Jan. 19, 2006.

A hearing is scheduled for July 19 to determine whether Hunter will be sentenced to death or life in prison for his conviction on charges of aggravated murder, rape and child endangering.

The judges issued their verdict an hour and a half after closing arguments, when prosecutors tried to assign a motive to the defendant.

"Lamont Hunter's motive is a sadistic delight he got out of torturing Trustin Blue, that's what he enjoyed," said Hamilton County assistant prosecutor Seth Tieger.

Defense attorney Clyde Bennett, who did not call a single witness, argued that there is no direct evidence linking Hunter to the death of his girlfriend’s son.

One of Trustin’s former caregivers testified Thursday that the boy shook with fear, cried and vomited when he saw Hunter, 37, and another former guardian testified that Trustin had told her he was afraid of him.

Trustin’s mother, Ludzilda Blue, lost custody of her son for nearly a year after Hunter, of Carthage, was accused of causing broken bones and other injuries to the boy.

Five months after the boy was returned to her care, he was brought to an emergency room with broken bones, severe bruising, bruised and swollen genitals and other injuries doctors said were consistent with rape.

The boy never regained consciousness and died the next day from what coroners said were two fatal blows to his skull.

Editor's note: Lamont Hunter was sentenced to the death penalty. He's scheduled for execution sometime between 2020 and 2025 (average wait is 12 to 17 years on Death Row). Meanwhile, when asked he thought about the rape and murder Trustin's estranged grandfather, B.A. Blue, is quoted as saying, "I blame the police department."

* = The title of this article is a direct quote from convicted child rapist and murderer Lamont Hunter's sister Debra Barnes.

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