Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Free Criminal Background Checks

By: John Brown's Bones
Free Background Check: Cincinnati Area

Many local and national companies will charge the public to search free public records for criminal backgrounds on prospective employees. This information can be erroneous and expensive at anywhere from $17 to $30 to search through records that are free to anyone.

To do a free criminal record check, or to locate an inmate currently in custody, a first name, last name and a state of residence or date of birth (DOB) will be required.

There are several on-line tools available:

US Federal Bureau of Prisons

Ohio Dept. of Correction
Cleveland: Cuyahoga County Clerk of Courts
Columbus: Franklin County Municipal
Cincinnati: Hamilton County Clerk of Courts
Cincinnati: Hamilton County Sheriff's Dept.
Dayton: Montgomery Municipal Court

Indiana Dept. of Correction
Indianapolis: Marion County Clerk of Courts

Kentucky Dept. of Correction
Covington: Kenton County Clerk of Courts
Louisville: Jefferson County Sheriff's Dept.
Newport: Campbell County Clerk of Courts

All Other State Information