Sunday, November 22, 2009

"He lied, he lied."

Slasher Was Already Double Murder Suspect
By: John Brown's Bones
Isaiah M.K. Kalebu
Isaiah M.K. Kalebu was already a murder suspect at the time of the Rape and Murder of Teresa Butz.
23-year-old M.K. Kalebu was already a suspect in the death of his aunt and her boyfriend prior to the Rape and Murder of Teresa Butz and the near fatal stabbing of her 36-year-old girlfriend. Fingerprints and DNA tied Isaiah M.K. Kalebu, a man with a history of mental illness, arosn and brutal violence against women, to the July 19th 2009 attack, police said.

Isaiah Kalebu was arrested August July 24th 2009 for the fatal stabbing. Six days prior to the stabbing, a judge refused to have him locked up. He had been, and still is, the primary suspect in a fatal fire at his aunt’s home, July 9th 2009, that claimed the life of his aunt, Rachel Kalebu, 61, and a man who lived in her Tacoma-area home south of Seattle, former NFL quarterback John Eddie Jones, 57.

Isaiah Kalebu was living in his aunt's home at the time after making death threats and attacking his own mother, in 2008, with a large rock.

A state psychologist evaluation in 2008 found Kalebu "did not have the capacity to rationally understand" the assault and menacing case against him at that time.

Isaiah Kalebu was formally charged, August 12th 2009, with aggravated murder, attempted murder, rape and burglary in the July 19th stabbing attack that left Teresa Butz dead and her partner seriously injured.

Investigators said Kalebu crawled through an open window at the home in Seattle's South Park neighborhood and attacked Teresa Butz, 39, and her 36-year-old partner. He stabbed both women, Seattle police officer Dana Duffy wrote in a probable cause statement made public Saturday, and their 3 a.m. screams awoke neighbors.

Teresa Butz died after fleeing through a bathroom window and running into the street, naked and covered in blood. Her partner ran out the front door, also naked and blood-soaked, and at a hospital a few hours later gave police a detailed account of the attack.

As she was dying, Teresa Butz told a neighbor, Albert Barrientes: "He told us if we did what he asked us to do, he wouldn't hurt us. He lied, he lied."

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